About Us

PT Hanson International Tbk ("Hanson") was incorporated on 7 July 1971. Hanson's main business is property with land bank of more than 3,000 hectares located in Greater Jakarta area. The property business was acquired by Hanson in December 2013 from the Promoter through right issuance. The main selling propositions of our land are low land-cost and proximity to mass transportation infrastructures especially the Greater Jakarta commuter train both of which allow us to build affordable houses at considerable margin that many other property developers cannot. Our land-cost is low because our land has been accumulated for more than 20 years by our promoters and was acquired by Hanson at book value in 2013. The Promoter has skill and expertise in acquiring potentially prospective land banks in Jakarta and within Indonesia for the past 20 Years and have since sold approximately 10,000 hectares of land to major property developers in Indonesia. The Promoter and his family have also developed a beautiful township project “Solo Baru” in Solo, Central Jawa, a landmark estate with total development area of approximately 400 hectares. Hanson's growth strategy is to monetize its current landbank in timely manner through both joint-development with reputable developers and/or in-house property development while continuously acquiring land so that our landbank keeps expanding.

President Director

  -     Benny Tjokrosaputro

President Commissioner

  -     I Nyoman Tjager


  -     R. Agus Santosa

  -     Rony Agung Suseno

  -     George Ignasius Ratulangi


  -     Monang Situmeang

Independent Commissioners

  -     Bastian Conny Paul

  -     V.R Tata

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